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Howard Ho

Registered Art Therapist

Ho graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a Masters in Expressive Arts Therapy and is currently a doctoral student in Social Work in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and an Associate Fellow of the Social Enterprise Research Academy (SERA). He is also a Registered Social Worker (Hong Kong) and a Registered Art Therapist (Expressive Arts) (Australia, Asia and New Zealand).

Currently working as a practicum supervisor of the Master of Social Sciences in Counselling programme of the Baptist University of Hong Kong, lecturer in social work of the Caritas Institute of Higher Education, and serving as a member of the Assessment Panel of the Social Workers Registration Board, Mr. Ho has more than ten years of experience in art and social work, and is committed to researching different expression games, mindfulness, and expressive arts therapy interventions and tools to assist social workers, educators, and other service professionals in dealing with people with different levels of mental health conditions. He is also the founder of an emerging educational theater “Choice Theater”, which has been performed in more than 100 schools and social welfare institutions, serving more than 5,000 audiences.

Last update in Mar 2023