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Lee Yat Hong


Lee Yat Hong received his Ph.D. in Classical Chinese Literature from Hong Kong Baptist University and got his M.Phil in Literature and Cultural Studies from EdUHK. He sets his sights on both classical knowledge and contemporary cogitation.

Spring 2021, Yat Hong published his first book, Transcriptions from a Flowing Cloud(《流雲抄》) which are lyrical prose themed on calamity and lessons from cultural differences. His works have appeared in various publications, including MingPao,Unitas Lifestyle and etc. In addition, he has been an editor-in-large for the Hong Kong literary magazine Fleurs des Lettres(《字花》)since 2015. He holds the post of Managing Editor for 3 anthologies.

Yat Hong has been teaching in HKBU, Department of Humanities and Creative Writing for the past two years. He actively engages in Creative Writing Education. He partnered with the “Get it Write! Writing Education Program” (supported by The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation) and Hong Kong Literature Research Centre (CUHK), among others, to deliver creative writing education to local youths.

Last update in Mar 2023