Music is a universal language.

There not just only always come with notes, chords and rhythms, but also some context and storys behind every piece. Here at Aura Music, we organise activities to give curation and help young people exploring beyond the sound that goes into their ears.

Music Connect
Music is the best connector for multidisciplinary subjects from history to philosophy; from architecture to science and technology.

Artist Chat
When going to a concert, we only see the artists from afar. Do you want to know more about them? What are they like in daily life?

Unfiltered Seminar
We bring in musicians and experts in the field, share and resolve the mystery in your head. There is no silly questions.

Curation Podcast
We create 3-minute Podcasts to give you a quick introduction to each of the composition in the concert. You just need to click our Podcast when you walk over to the concert hall from the MTR station.

Concert Buddy Mentorship
Having a company is a crucial in converting concert-going into learning environment. Our mentor can be the conversation starter and guide the participants along the conversation around elements in concerts.



農曆八月十五日,正值中秋,👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 我們在早上趁月亮先生還在休息,跟陳文嶺先生學習有關月亮的天文知識 💡 他和大家分享了嫦娥奔月的故事,也和大家介紹了月亮盈虧 🌙 和顏色變化的因由。

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