While most people agree music education is important to people development, yet there are not many organizations trying to explore what else can be done beyond learning an instrument. We are here to build bridges connecting you with multidisciplinary learning via music.


Kilian Chan

Kilian Chan started Aura Music with Stephen Lam in 2019 to explore repositioning the role of music in education. He hopes to connect young Asian musicians to promote quality concerts around. Read More →

Stephen Lam

林屴汧為本地樂團 Ponte Orchestra and Singers. He is a dedicated educator and ardent advocate of community outreach programmes. Read More →

Kamie Lam
Project Manager

Kamie Lam is the Project Manager at Aura Music. She is hands-on and strategically help us to move things forward. She is an amateur clarinetist and is also an active member of a wind ensemble.